Site Services

Site Services

The value of prompt, punctual and superior site and support services to your business is huge. Whatever your actuator issue is, we can resolve it. We act quickly to fix your problems. Our decades of experience in industrial actuation and flow control markets mean that customers can rely on us to understand their problems and to deliver reliable, economic solutions.

Actuator Workshop Overhaul

An overhaul within a workshop, instead of a complete actuator replacement, provides reduced downtime and a new warranty. We offer complete workshop overhauls for all brands of actuators. Workshop rigs allow for detailed fault analysis and actuators are torque tested.

Field Support

Our engineers are experts in fixing actuators in the field. We offer repair services for all makes and models of actuators. It doesn’t matter if they electric, pneumatic or hydraulic; we can fix them all. High stock levels for actuators, parts, spares and loan actuators means we can solve all kinds of problems our customers might have in the field.

Valve Automation Services

We offer an extensive range of on-site valve automation services, including manual valve automation and actuator replacement. Our engineers have years of experience of valve automation and can design, manufacture and provide installation services to automate existing manual valves, penstocks or dampers. Our service engineers also provide automation of new or refurbished valves in our Tulsa support center.